Please read our statement with regards to Flower Farm Presents… a weekend of socially distanced live music, food and drink from 14-16th August 2020:

Over the last few weeks and months, we’ve watched the news, and followed the ever changing government guidelines, in order to see whether we could bring you the festival we’d hoped to deliver.

It became clear that bringing you Godstoneberry in all its glory was not something we could do with the current restrictions in place. 

And keen to make sure you didn’t miss out entirely – we set out to put on a different event this weekend: Flower Farm Presents… a weekend of socially distanced live music, food and drink. 

But… now, following many, lengthy discussions, the Flower Farm events team has decided NOT to proceed with this event on 14-16th August.

And it is with a heavy heart that we say: coming to this decision really has not been easy.

Especially when we’ve had the full support from the hundreds of people that make up the team that bring you  Godstoneberry, from our farm staff and bar staff, to musicians, artists, food vendors, and those behind the scenes.

The untold help we have received from the local authorities, government and in particular Tandridge Council has been huge – and we would like to say a big thank you to them for having confidence in us and our event, in accepting that it was possible to stage this event safely.

We really can’t thank you all of you enough.

But where restrictions have been started to ease, we are now seeing things close up again, and although we know we have an event that we CAN run safely, the changing situation globally and restrictions and local lockdowns being placed by the government at very short notice now presents a new number of obstacles.

And we firmly believe that the right thing to do at this stage is to not proceed with Flower Farm Presents…

So in stead, we have decided that the farm events team will focus their attention and continue to build on what we can offer for the local community, with our ongoing social distancing event trials in the Strawberry Fields Pub Garden.

We believe that in doing this, we can come back next year with a truly amazing Godstoneberry in 2021 – and hopefully other socially distanced events in the interim on Flower Farm, whilst we are still under restrictions.

We would like to say a big thank you again, to everyone who bought a ticket, and again to the council for providing your full support and the communication that you’ve had with us during this time.

Everyone who has a ticket for Godstoneberry or for Flower Farm Presents… your tickets will automatically roll over to a much bigger 2021, If you wish to retain your tickets for next year YOU DO NOT NEED TO DO ANYTHING.

To obtain a refund for your tickets please see the dedicated page here – We know that so many of you have planned to come to the farm this weekend, thus we have extended the opening hours of our pub garden over the weekend of the 14-16th August.

Entry to the pub garden is FREE, although it is necessary to register your details online here: note that there are limited spaces, and demand will be high so please register early if you would like to attend next weekend.

Thank you from the Flower Farm Presents… and Godstoneberry team.