How it works

We’re going the distance so that you can do your part and stay apart.

Our socially distanced live music event is safer than going to the park, and here’s why…

Attending Flower Farm Presents… is safer than going to the park or the beach with friends, and in some cases it’s even safer than going round to your friend’s house – and we’ve got plenty of reasons why!

When it comes to social distancing, Flower Farm Presents… is situated on a built for purpose site.

In order to maintain social distancing, all seating (with the exception of the controlled front of stage area) will be removed and the remaining site will be divided up into 3.2m marked pod areas (or social distancing circles) to accommodate groups or bubbles of up to six people.

As you can see from the image above, these are all at least four metres apart, to ensure a two metre safe passage in between each marked area.

Social distancing will be maintained at all times between attendees who are from different households or support bubbles, and between attendees and staff and performers. With social interactions limited to a group of no more than two households or up to six people from different households (outdoors). The primary directive is to ensure all attendees remain within their group (or bubble).

Unlike going to the pub, all our bars and service is outside, there are additional toilet facilities, and the entire site is managed and monitored by security and stewards – which you wouldn’t get if you spent the afternoon in your local park, or took a trip to the beach.

For more information about the other measures we will have in place, including hand washing facilities, and food and drink serving, please visit our Socially Distanced Event page.